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“What is fascinating about his work is the way in which the programmatic rationalism of the realistic style is subverted and fragmented and turned into a vehicle for dreamlike personal meditations. He seems as much Russian, in a broad sense, as he is Israeli, and his contribution calls attention to the strong links that continue to exist between Russian and Israeli culture”

Eduard Lucie-Smith

“Painting absorbs him completely and enables him to feel free from the technological world in which we are living. The creative process is the central factor in his works. The paintings are a means of expression to convey his personal stories, and these large “illustrations” are more important, in his view, than the stories themselves.”

Daniella Talmor


"He is attracted to the metaphoric aspects of images, the poetry of figurative constructs, the picturesque allusions of the subjective form and the ambiguity of them all. In his work the person is a fact, a document of life.With supreme accuracy he paints a face, a figure and its clothes. The setting however, is conjured up in the artist's imagination. Sometimes it is the realism of a slum or a deserted corner of a city and sometimes it is a metaphysical abstraction.

Each chosen combination evokes the feeling of the reality and strangeness 
of existence"

Bayan Barmakulov


Michael Rapoport Born in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, in 1948.
He graduated from the Art Academy of
Tashkent in 1972 and lives in Israel since 1990

Selected One-Person Exhibitions

1978 Artists’ Association, Alma-Ata.
1980 Museum of Art, Alma-Ata.
1987 Architects’ Association, Moscow.
1990 Culture Center, Netanya.
1993 Gesher Gallery, Netanya.
1994 Municipal Hall, Dortmund, Germany.
1997 The Center For Performing Arts, Tel-Aviv.
2000 Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod.
2000 Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel-Aviv.
2005 Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel-Aviv.
2007 Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

Selected Group Exhibitions:


1982 Central Hall Exhibition, Artists’ Association, Moscow.

1987 Central Hall Exhibition, Artists’ Association, Moscow.

1987 Poznan Biennale, Poznan, Poland.

1988 Baku Biennale, Baku, Azerbaijan (Silver Medal Award).

1990 Gordon Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

1993 Binyanei Ha’uma, Jerusalem.

1994 Art Focus, Jerusalem.

1994 Art Museum, Beer-Sheva.

1996 “Passage” – 10 Artists at the Israel Parliament, Jerusalem.

1997 Fourth Sculpture Biennale, Ein Hod.

1998 Tova Osman Gallary, Tel-Aviv.

1999 Haifa International Installation Triennale, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa.

2002 Focus on Painting, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa.

2002 “Artists of the Ideal”, Palazzo Forti, Verona, Italy.

2007 “Contemporary Art” Reeding, Tel-Aviv.

Michael Rapoport

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